Video: New Spock vs. old Spock

Audi ad shows challenge between new Spock — Zachary Quinto — in an Audi S7 vs. old Spock — Leonard Nimoy — in a Mercedes-Benz CLS.

And you thought Audi was done with summer blockbusters with Tony Stark’s R8 inIron Man 3?

A new, funny web film ad, from Volkswagen’s premium brand ties in with second film the Star Trek franchise reboot, Star Trek Into Darkness, due out May 17 though there are no Audis in the film.

In the web film, the new Spock from latest films — Zachary Quinto — challenges old Spock — Leonard Nimoy — to a race to the country club. New Spock’s starship is the new Audi S7 performance hatchback. Old Spock makes do with what cheeky Audi likes to portray as old-school luxury — a Mercedes-Benz, in this case a CLS “four-door coupe.”

The spot has a bunch of Star Trek references, but it’s no nerdfest for Trekkies. Its charm really is the interplay between the two actors, with Quinto as the straight man to a self-deprecating Nimoy.

Old Spock even treats us to a snippet of his “Ballad of Bilbo Baggins,” his campy, cult-hit Hobbits tune from his 1960s album.

And watch for the cameo at the end by Audi’s driverless car – the autonomous TTS that climbed Pikes Peak.