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Alaska ice tested as new energy source

November 27, 2012

5:47PM EST November 11. 2012 – ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A half mile below the ground at Prudhoe Bay, above the vast oil field that helped trigger construction of the trans-Alaska pipeline, a drill rig has tapped what might one day be the next big energy source. The Department of Energy and industry partners over […]

California’s first auction of greenhouse-gas credits nears

November 26, 2012

California’s first auction of greenhouse-gas credits nears Some industrial businesses are still fighting the cap-and-trade program, which requires big polluters to either reduce their emissions or buy credits to cover the difference. The auction is Nov. 14. California’s cap-and-trade program covers about 600 facilities this year, including refineries, seen above, as well as cement plants, […]

Retailers push paperless receipts

November 20, 2012

11:46AM EDT November 3. 2012 – The “paper or plastic” mantra at store checkouts is getting a digital twin: “paper or e-mail.” As smartphones proliferate, more stores and banks are offering to e-mail shoppers their receipts rather than giving them a printed copy. These electronic or digital receipts, touted as green for saving paper and convenient […]

Turkey prices gobble up more of Thanksgiving bill

November 16, 2012

4:39PM EST November 11. 2012 – Blame the bird. The cost of a classic Thanksgiving dinner edged up slightly, but it could have been lower this year had it not been for the meal’s traditional centerpiece, the turkey. The American Farm Bureau Federation estimates it will cost $49.48 to feed 10 people turkey and all the […]

Damen Launches Its First Hybrid Tugboat

Damen Shipyards, a Netherlands-based company, has launched its first diesel-electric hybrid tugboat. It is the ASD Tug 2810 Hybrid. Iskes Towing and Salvage will be the launching customer (the first customer to use it). The signing ceremony took place yesterday (October 23), at Offshore Energy in Amsterdam. Damen ASD Tug 2810 Hybrid Tugboat. Damen Shipyards claims […]

James, Wade offer advice to Lakers

6:24AM EST November 15. 2012 – LOS ANGELES — If LeBron James and his Miami Heat colleagues felt so inclined, they could author a book on the art of meshing superstar players and their personalities after all they went through leading up to the championship last June. The Los Angeles Lakers, as fate would have it, […]