Vogue 8 Station Makeup Trailer with Slideout

Vehicle Specs

  • 3 Air Conditioners
  • 12kw Generator
  • Rubber Anti Fatigue flooring
  • Shampoo Bowl
  • 42" TV, Bluetooth Stereo, microwave
  • 40' long x 12' tall
  • 10'8" wide, slide out open x 8'6" wide, slide out closed
virtual tour

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The Vogue 8 Station makeup trailers offer a clean open design with all the required amenities. The units with the custom LED makeup mirrors incorporate high power fixtures with 9100 lumens per station, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K selectable white lighting.The panels between the stations is a magnetic dry erase board. You can use magnetic baskets, bins and tacks as well as dry erase markers