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Tesla electrics get long battery warranty

April 30, 2013

Tesla Motors says that if the battery pack fails in your sexy Model S electric sedan for any reason except deliberate abuse, you can have a replacement, free, for eight years. That warranty length matches mainstream automaker’s pledges about their electric-car batteries. But Tesla goes a bit further. The Model S’ bigger 85 kwh battery […]

Buses lead the charge for alternative fuels

April 29, 2013

Public transportation is going green. People who want to celebrate Earth Day week by commuting in a vehicle powered by a cleaner-burning fuel should hop on the bus. More than a third of the nation’s city transit buses are now powered by fuels other than diesel. That’s up from fewer than 10% a decade ago, […]

Hyundai yanks suicide ad

April 26, 2013

The ad was meant to be humorous: the victim finds out he is in a zero-emission car (Photo: Hyundai) STORY HIGHLIGHTS Hyundai pulls a suicide-themed ad The campaign ran online A blogger said it reminded her of her father’s suicide Hyundai has yanked an ad meant to poke humor at attempts to commit suicide in […]

Go Green! Sports stadiums save energy

April 23, 2013

USA TODAY’s Green Tech series explores how green-tech innovations are changing everything from vacations to war-making. (Photo: Brian Garfinkel) STORY HIGHLIGHTS Home of the Philadelphia Eagles has 11,000 solar panels Of 126 pro teams in the five major sports, 38 use renewable energy Home of the Minnesota Twins uses rainwater to wash down seating area […]

Polls vary on global warming

April 4, 2013

How you ask the question skews the results when it comes to public opinion on global warming, finds an analysis of hundreds of polls. The public mostly agrees on global warming’s reality, it says. (Photo: NOAA) STORY HIGHLIGHTS U.S. majorities have agreed on global warming being real for three decades, poll analysis says Poll question […]

180K deaths tied to sugary drinks

Americans account for about 25,000 obesity-related deaths blamed on over-consumption of sweetened beverages. (Photo: Spencer Platt, Getty Images) STORY HIGHLIGHTS Too many sweet drinks to blame for 1 in 100 deaths of obese people globally Mexico leads the 35 largest nations in deaths tied to surgary drinks; USA is 3rd 78% of these deaths were […]