Tebow in steamy Vogue photo shoot

Tim Tebow appears shirtless and in need of a tow truck in aprovocative Vogue spread shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz.

In one picture, the New York Jets backup quarterback and Wildcat threat is shown wheeling a gigantic tire through a rocky ravine.

Tebow is profiled in the October issue of the magazine by Taylor Antrim. The headline of the story is “Superman Returns” and features the sort of hagiography that’s typical of sports subjects Anna Wintour may adopt as her pet favorites. (See: Federer, Roger.)


Annie Leibovitz, Vogue


“This 25-year-old devout Christian heartthrob has palpable charisma, a radiant magnetism that
one of his fellow evangelicals might call a halo,” Antrim writes.

Eh, a guy with a halo wouldn’t need to roll that tire by hand.