Campbell Soup Completes 9.8 MW Solar System

Campbell Soup Company is now generating 15% of its electricity from solar at its manufacturing plant in Ohio.

It just turned on the switch of a 60-acre, 9.8 MW system, developed by  BNB Renewable Energy and Enfinity America, using SunPower Corp. (SPWR) sun-tracking panels.

Like so many solar systems today, rather than paying for the project upfront, Campbell signed a power purchase agreement to buy 100% of the energy the system generates.

Enfinity will operating and maintain the system, and
FirstEnergy Solutions will buy all the renewable energy credits and environmental benefits associated with the project.

“Importantly, our access to rapidly deployable capital means we can accelerate the pace of development without relying on the federal cash grant,” says Rafael Dobrzynski, CEO of Enfinity America.

Campbell’s goal is to cut energy use 35% per ton of product produced and source 40% of the energy used by the company from renewable or alternative energy sources. Well-known brands that are owned by Campbell’s include “Pepperidge Farm,” and “V8.”