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Puma Opens World’s First “Sustainable Store” in India

September 18, 2012

Puma Opens World’s First “Sustainable Store” in India by Jasmin Malik Chua, 08/27/12 Discarded DVD players, castoff bicycles, and filtered lake silt are among the unconventional materials that make up Puma’s first-ever “sustainable store,” one that the activewear giant hails as a revolution in the concept of retail spaces. Opened in a suburb in Bangalore, India on Thursday, the 8,600-square-foot […]

Samuel L Jackson

September 14, 2012

Samuel L Jackson in down town LA on the set of Talk or face the consequences   Photo by iyellow

Less smoke on the water: New shipping emission rules set sail

New stricter regulations affecting emissions from ocean shipping in the U.S. and Canada have already produced results and are the latest step in reducing the carbon footprint created by the transportation industries. As part of the new North American Emission Control Area (ECA), ships coming within 200 nautical miles of the United States and Canada […]


September 12, 2012


GoDaddy Goes Down Hard; Anonymous Hacker Claims Responsibility

September 11, 2012

Web hosting company GoDaddy experienced a period of company-wide outages on Monday morning, taking down a slew of Web sites that rely on the company for hosting services. GoDaddy acknowledged its problems from its Twitter account, stating that employees were working to fix the problem, but did not offer any insight as to the source […]

The Voltaic Fuse 10W Solar Laptop Charger Buckles Onto Any Backpack | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

September 10, 2012

  The Voltaic Fuse 10W Solar Laptop Charger Buckles Onto Any Backpack by Molly Cotter, 08/08/12 Portable solar chargers are an amazing creation, and now you can have one that latches onto almost anything you carry! Voltaic systems‘ Fuse 10W Solar Laptop Charger can attach to any technical backpack, panniers, or whatever else it can fit its flexible buckles around. […]