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Production + Honeywagon 5 room Combo

Vehicle Specs

  • Production- Large office with 4-5 workstations
  • Conference room with leather u-shaped sofa
  • Wireless network for music, copier, fax and scanning
  • High speed satellite and cellular Internet
  • 4 Color wireless copier with collating and stapling and scannin
  • 3D HDTV LCD TVs, DirecTV - NFL, NBA, etc.
  • Fireplace
  • Beverage center
  • Honeywagon - 5 talent rooms
  • Individual radio CD players in each room with iPod attachment
  • 2 single stall crew restrooms
  • Hot/cold water
  • Heat and AC in every room
kong combo interior 5-room honeywagon interior 5-room honeywagon interior

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The benchmark of all production trailers, this Combo Trailer speaks for it self. These custom built trailers have been designed to maximize every square inch and to give you a ton of pure work space.

Additionally some units have bees renovated with “Green” materials including recycled glass counter tops, recycled rubber flooring and wall base, low VOC finishes, and energy star electronics.