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KONG Production Office/Lounge + Ecolav Restrooms

Need a great office and lounge with crew restrooms? Kong Office + EcoLav restrooms might be a great solution. This unit will give you incredible work space for 5 plus, private restroom and a luxury conference room with 50″ TV, fireplace and refrigerator.

The ECOLav Tow-let is a fully custom 2 unit Solar Powered restroom trailer features large mens and women’s rooms with modern solid surface residential vanity’s, Air Conditioning, Heat, Hot water, LED Lighting, AM/FM CD Radio with iPod connection. These units have extra large holding tanks to accommodate large crews.

6 Room Honeywagon + Ecolav Combo

Our 6 room honeywagons are the only ones of their kind. They have an ultra small footprint for the number of rooms and are only 40′ in length including the truck. There are two single crew restrooms on the rear as well. Each of the 6 talent rooms has a CD Radio with iPod attachment and are very spacious.

Plush Lounge + Honeywagon 5 room Combo

The 5 room is our smallest foot print (without the truck attached) at 32 feet long. These units can have a full-time driver with a plush lounge or be dropped off at your location.

Ecolav Truck + Pt40 Combo

These trailers give you a compact footprint with all the needed necessities for production. This is one of the most economical vehicles that can handle your entire production.