Tomorrow, Friday August 9th event to educate California Legislators on the importance of expansion of our California Tax Incentives

Many of you have seen this (below) but for those of you that haven’t its important to support these efforts.  We will be using some of what Ed will be creating here as our coalition  works towards our vital film tax credits expansion bill. I encourage you all to follow the link and take the time to go there and get on camera. Participation by everyone will be vital to our success over the next few months!

Thanks for the support,

Ed Duffy
Teamsters Local 399
Business Agent

Hi all,
Please share with your membership and come to this.
August 9 event to create a better California Film Tax Incentive

I will be filming at least 120 people that will speak on camera to the 120 legislators of our state
It’s important to inform our lawmakers that they need to get on board sooner rather than later.
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