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Katherine Vong

Evergreen Eco Trailer: The Entertainment Industry’s First Solar Hybrid Vehicle

With so many green transportation designs out there, you’d think that an eco-friendly entertainment production trailer would already exist, but the recently released Evergreen Eco trailer is taking the title as the very first. Evergreen’s creator, King Kong Production Vehicles, claims that it the world’s first solar hybrid production trailer.

The company, which provides trailers and motor homes to the entertainment industry, calls the Evergreen Eco trailer the “Prius of production trailers,” stating in its press release that the trailer is the most advanced eco-friendly trailer with the least impact on the environment. It boasts a stream of green design elements currently not available in other production trailers, including solar panels, cabinets made of bamboo, FSC-certified lumber, recycled-content glass desks and countertops and recycled rubber floors as well as a bio-diesel generator.

King Kong Production Vehicles worked closely with Mobile Solar power to build and use solar power generators, which saved the trailer about 28 gallons of fuel on location. The trailer was able to run for 14 hours without the use of a generator or other fuel.

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