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Satisfaction Tip: Eat With Reusable Utensils

July 12, 2012

Sometimes eating out is unavoidable – and it’s a nice treat on the occasions when it’s affordable. And those of us who tend to be higher-level coffee drinkers don’t mind the occasional cup of joe from a local coffee shop (luckily the one near my house has organic, trade-free coffee!). An alternative solution to using […]

Campbell Soup Completes 9.8 MW Solar System

July 2, 2012

Campbell Soup Company is now generating 15% of its electricity from solar at its manufacturing plant in Ohio. It just turned on the switch of a 60-acre, 9.8 MW system, developed by  BNB Renewable Energy and Enfinity America, using SunPower Corp. (SPWR) sun-tracking panels. Like so many solar systems today, rather than paying for the project upfront, […]