The Helios is a great motorhome. Not only is it energy efficient but it offers a large space for production to work in. The copy machine is great because you can wirelessly print and make color copies and send faxes. The satellite phones came in handy when we realized we didn’t have any cell service on location. We received several compliments throughout the shoot day. Crew walked into the motorhome in awe of such a beautiful space.

" Courtney Witherspoon-Production Coordinator Three One O

Thank you so much for lovely Eko lav — definitely the nicest port-a-potty I’ve ever used!

" Amanda – Producer
Thanks again for helping out with our party. The restrooms worked out great and the service was awesome as usual!
" Steve Brazeel

You guys are the BEST!

" Marie D’Amore—Production Supervisor, HSI
King Kong has the best equipment & drivers in the biz.
" Tom Baker – gangboss

The drivers were awesome to be with.  Hard working drivers!!   It really stands out when the drivers jump in to help set up base camp, and tear it down.  Not to mention always having a fresh green tea for me just when I needed it every time.  They really were great and I’d ask for them anytime we get vehicles from you. Thanks!

" Mary Brooks – 3 Star Productions

You guys did a phenomenal job with the Helios. And Rob, as always, went above and beyond for us.

" Dan Kae—Assistant Production Supervisor

Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome customer service. Our driver was friendly and professional. He arrived early and had everything ready to go for us. The motorhome was clean and in perfect shape. Every detail matters on a shoot to help keep everything running smoothly. We love working with King Kong!

" Jamie Williams- That Girl Productions

We truly enjoyed working from the Helios, the attention to detail to make it an Eco friendly asset to our industry should be commended. The quiet workspace you get when running on the solar power is delightful! Rob was pleasant to be around and always willing to help out. Thank you Rob and King Kong for bringing us the Helios!

" Rochelle Savory-Assistant Production Supervisor

…the moho was super nice, everything was great! I will definitely rent it again!!

" Susan Borbely – Prod Coordinator

We’ve used the Helios twice now and have been quite impressed each time.  It has everything production could want AND it’s earth friendly! We will use the Helios on every job in which we need a moho.

" Mario D’Amici—Production Coordinator, Beef Films

I just wanted to send you a quick message and let you know how amazing Rich is. I have hired motos from all over and this was by far our best experience. Really nice to work with great people

" Crystal Raymond- Chinese Laundry

King Kong has great motorhomes and the best drivers in the business. Working with you guys is always easy and a pleasure.

" Cat Burkley-Portfolio One

I wanted to give Rich another glowing report, He was AMAZING on our shoot. The most helpful driver I’ve ever had. I’ll definitely be requesting him on future shoots.

Thanks for everything guys!

" Adrienne Burton – Freelance Prod Coordinator

King Kong… top notch service, incredible drivers, clean, well equipped vehicles, on time—every time! Thanks guys…. you ROCK!!!

" Elaine Lee—Producer 5th and Sunset Los Angeles

Rusty, Bruce and the guys at King Kong were a crucial asset to my photoshoot.  They took a lot of stress off of my plate and came through when I needed them, allowing me to focus 100% on the production.  Without a doubt, King Kong is now my go-to for production vehicles and I do not hesitate to recommend them to my colleagues.  And, not only is Rusty the best and most helpful driver I have ever had the pleasure of working with, he is also awesome with a fog machine!

" Brett Spencer-Producer,

North Six has been working with King Kong for many years now.  Not only is their customer service unparalleled, but their fleet of motorhomes is always clean, reliable, and exactly what we need to support our photo productions.

" Kyd Kisvarday—Producer, North 6

U.S. wastes $11.4 billion a year by throwing away recyclables

U.S. lags far behind other nations in recyclingIn this June 20 photo, a heavy Caterpillar earth mover buries waste at the Clinton Landfill near Clinton, Ill. According to a new report released by the group As You Sow, the U.S. lags far behind other nations in recycling packaging materials. (Seth Perlman / Associated Press / June 20, 2012)
By Ronald D. WhiteJuly 18, 2012, 1:01 p.m.

If you are dutifully separating your trash and filling up your blue bins every week, you are probably thinking that America can cross this whole recycling thing off its to-do list. That couldn’t be more wrong, according to a new report that says that about $11.4 billion in recyclable materials are still piling up in U.S. landfills every year.

The report’s most controversial message is contained in its title, “Unfinished Business: The Case for Extended Producer Responsibility for Post-Consumer Packaging.” Shifting more responsibility for recycling to the businesses that make the products would be the quickest way to reduce that waste, the report says.

The report was released by As You Sow in San Francisco, which describes itself as a nonprofit organization that promotes corporate responsibility through shareholder advocacy. Its report found that the U.S. lags well behind world leaders in the percentage of recyclable packaging materials that are recaptured and reused.

“Denmark has an 84% packaging recycling rate, Belgium is at 78%, the Netherlands at 72%, Germany at 73%,” the report said. “The U.S. recovery rate is estimated at 48.3% for packaging and 52.7% for paper and paperboard products.”

Moreover, the report says that the nation’s recycling programs have become less efficient. “Beverage container recycling rates have dropped 20% over the last two decades,” it says. “One quarter of the U.S. population still doesn’t have access to curbside recycling. More than 40 billion aluminum cans are still dumped annually into landfills in the U.S.”

Some of the bigger implications come from the energy costs of producing new packaging products rather than recycling what has already been used. By one analysis, done by Resource Recycling magazine, the U.S. could save $12 billion a year, or 168 million barrels of oil at $75 a barrel, by capturing and using more recycled material.

“Aluminum is of special concern,” said Conrad Mackerron, senior program director for As You Sow, “given the energy intensity needed to produce aluminum and the huge 95% energy and greenhouse-gas savings from making new cans out of used ones rather than from virgin materials.”

The report adds that improving recycling rates may be beyond the resources of local government in times of widespread fiscal austerity. That’s why it says the businesses that produce the packaging have to do more.

“Over 47 countries require producers to bear some or all of the cost of end-of-life packaging management that in the U.S. has always been paid for by taxpayers,” the report said. “As You Sow believes it is time to shift financial responsibility for managing packaging to producers through effective and tested policies.”

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